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About The Core
The Core Operations Group is different from other consulting groups in 2 key ways.

First, although we have wide-reaching industry experience, we do not specialize in a specific field or expertise.  We believe succesful organizations have core operational disciplines that are unique to your business.  We approach your organization as an unique entity.  This is the best way to get a greater understanding of its effectiveness and frees us from having preconceived ideas of how your organization should operate.  

Secondly, our goal is to unencumber the client by developing a symmetrical and disciplined core of business operations.  This end state allows streamlined operations and the time and freedom to innovate.  We are commited to discover quantifiable and relevant ways to implement successful disciplines to your core operations.

Core Operations Group wants you to become a profitable industry leader.
Our Services
Operational Analysis  
  What does this Operational Analysis Accomplish?

The greatest discipline in the world is Mathematics.  The success of mastering Mathematics is to follow the rules.  If you are disciplined to follow the rules of a math problem, the answer will be correct.  If you skip a step or fail to follow the rules, the answer will come out wrong every time.

Business operations work in the same way.  Every business operation has its own unique set of disciplines.  For a business to be successful, to grow and prosper it must know, master and follow its disciplines every day.
Our operational analysis identifies your core operational disciplines and develops a quanitifiable and measurable path to mastering them. 

How do we do it?

After all is said and done, there is often much more said than done.  This will not be the end state of our analysis.  When we are complete, you will know what you must do and how to do it.

  • It starts with a one on one meeting with key members or key individuals of your organization.

  • During the meeting we will set goals and identify key areas of concentration to be address during the analysis.

  • A project time line is developed for the analysis from start to finish.

  • At a minimum we document;

  1. Initial report  – Restates timeline, goals, objectives and specific areas of concentration agreed upon in the initial meeting. It also provides a detailed schedule of how the analysis will be conducted.
  2. In-progress reports – These are periodic reports that are either scheduled or presented on as needed basis if a significant opportunity for improvement arises.
  3. Completion report (Findings of analysis) – This report will only present tangible disciplines and processes that can be placed into action to have the greatest impact on the overall operationally efficiency for the individual or organization.

  Continuous Operational Analysis
What does Continuous Operational Analysis Accomplish?

This analysis is focused on 2 major areas of your operational goals.

  The first area is Change.  This could be a dynamic industry change, adding lines of business which will lead to expansion, or removing business functions.  Change and growth have a direct impact on the businesses core operational disciplines.  When these changes happen a business must have a program and systems in place that are able to analyze the desired outcome.  We understand business operational changes must be relevant and timely.  We also ensure that all changes align with your core disciplines and allow your current operations to continue at the highest level of efficiency.

  We also believe a Continuous Improvement Program is a key outcome of our services.  Yesterday's solution becoming today's problem will inevitably happen in a business that lacks the insight over time to look at all internal processes against their core disciplines.  If an organization does not continue to grow internally through its solid core disciplines, it will lose relevance in an industry and fail to prosper.  Core Operations Group develops programs that challenge what people believe are “the industry standards”, “the way things have always been done” and the fear of “reinventing the wheel” to ensure the long term success of your business.
Adaptive Leadership Development

  In today's business world, it is the adaptive leader that will succeed.  The ability to develop adaptive, agile leaders is the capstone of what Core Operations Group provides.  Providing your business with strong leadership development not only enhances our services and but it solidifies your organization for long-term growth and profitability.  We provide coaching, teaching and mentorship to your business leaders.
Leaders are not gauged by the great things they do, they are gauged by the great things they inspire others to do.  Core Operations Group will help develop a new way to inspire innovation and everyday greatness for your business leadership.

Who We Help

We Want to Help You

Are you a large business or a sole to small business owner?  Does your business provide multiple services or are you single trade focused?  Are your operations multi-faceted or single product directed.  Are you stuck on finding a creative solution to expanding or have a need to downsize?  Are you a new business owner who needs a partner consultant? 

We can help build, change or streamline any operation.  
We want to be your partner to increased profitibility and efficiency.